Animal butchery in Hakendover

The good folk of Hakendover are coming to terms with a dreadful atrocity that happened in this otherwise sleepy hamlet in Flemish Brabant. Thieves killed a cow in a local field and proceeded to remove its buttocks and hind legs before taking off with them. The rest of the animal was left lying in the field.

Farmer David Foriers told his story to Radio 2: "I thought my cows had broken out and I went to take a butchers. It was only then that I noticed that one of their number was lying dead in the field. These must be people used to handling animals. Otherwise you don't venture among them particularly when a stud is present."

The butchery happened on Saturday night.

David Foriers: "The thieves sawed off the animal's hind quarters and took them away with them."

The animal's sides that contain the best meat they left behind. This could point to the fact that the thieves were disturbed and had to leave the scene sooner than they anticipated. Police are on the case.

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