Halal hols increasingly popular!

More and more Muslims are booking what are described as "halal-friendly" holidays. Muslims are good customers because they travel often as this is encouraged by the Koran, the holy book of Islam.

Muslim travellers often like to enjoy "Muslim-friendly holidays" booked via specialised booking websites like halabooking.com. Muslim-friendly holidays offer stays in hotels that allow the Muslim traveller to holiday in observance of the rules of Islam.

In Ghent in Belgium the House of Edward hotel is a Muslim favourite. The hotel offers rooms that include a special tap used by Muslims for their ritual ablutions. The hotel's proprietor hails from Abu Dhabi and believes it's important that account is taken of the culture of the visitor.

The House of Edward's Rachida: "We get a lot of Muslims, especially from abroad. Most immediately recognise the purpose of the special tap. Many think that it's only hotels in Muslim countries that offer that kind of service."

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