No more 'chicks in the blender' at Ghent Festival

A somewhat tasteless act at the Ghent festival has been stopped. Until now members of the public had to say whether a chick ended up in a blender or was set at liberty. The act was a show and no chicks were hurt, but it engendered so many protests that it has been stopped.

Collective Cirq launched Datakamp at this year's Ghent festival. The world of the internet and social media were brought to life in the real world. The audience was also treated to the illusion involving the chick and the food mixer. Sometimes the callous Ghent audience voted for the food mixer! A member of the audience who had voted for the blender in a vote that he or she thought was secret was called on stage to perform the act.

In recent days the bloody scene attracted adverse reactions. Some members of the audience really believed that the chick was being put to death. The burgomaster of the Ghent Festival refused to condemn the show saying "we don't ban magicians from sawing women in two", but by Saturday evening Ghent police posted the demise of the illusion on Twitter.

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