Score of arrests at Tomorrowland

A member of the public who had bought a ticket for the Tomorrowland dance music festival in Boom, but was told he was not welcome, has been arrested after he attempted to enter the festival.
Matthias Engels

Ahead of the festival police screened all those who had purchased tickets. Several people were told they were not welcome. When one of their number attempted to go inside, the organisers alerted the police who apprehended the individual "in order to safeguard public order".

In all some 20 people were detained during the festival, though the police insist this was a festival with few incidents. All those arrested had consumed too much alcohol and it wouldn't have been safe to allow them to return home under their own steam. The police say that the festival attracts 70,000 visitors from the four corners of the globe and it's quite understandable that there are minor problems with people peeing in public and committing parking offences. 12 taxis were seized too because they were causing a danger on the roads.

A second festival weekend is still in the offing. It's the first time that the police are co-ordinating safety in and around the festival area. An evaluation is expected to throw up several suggestions for further improvements.

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