What does the budget agreement mean for your savings?

Among the measures contained in the tax and budget agreement reached by the Belgian government on Wednesday morning are a number that affect savers and investors.

The government is eager to "activate" the billions parked on savings accounts in Belgium and encourage more risky investments on the stock exchange. As a result no capital gains tax will be paid on the first 627 euros of dividend payments. Until now 30% was due. This will still be levied on amounts above 627 euros.

No tax was due on interest payments under 1881 euros on savings accounts. The figure is now being halved, but the measure won't affect most savers as the yield on savings accounts is at an historic low. You will have to have 850,000 euros deposited on a savings account before you pay capital gains.

People investing more in their private pension savings will be better off. In future you will be able to deduct 1,200 euros of pension savings from your taxable income earning you a 25% tax rebate on this amount. Stick with the current 940 euros and the rebate is at least 30%.

The government is introducing a new tax on securities accounts. You will pay 0.15% tax per annum only if you have over half a million euros on a securities account. Securities accounts are required for pension savings, shares, bonds as well as investment funds in Belgium.

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