Invites from Belgians few and far between

International research has confirmed what many of us already knew: the Belgians are not the most welcoming of people when it comes to inviting people into their own homes. Only 8% of Belgians say that they invite people into their own homes on a daily or weekly basis.
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The survey carried out by GfK among 22,000 individuals worldwide covered inviting people home for a meal, for a chat, a cup of coffee or to watch a movie.

The people of Mexico and Argentina are the most sociable inviting people home: 42% and 39% respectively invite people home on a daily or weekly basis. If the Belgian figures are poor, they do reveal that Belgians are not entirely anti-social. 27% invite people home at least once a month. Belgian men are more likely to invite people home than Belgian women: the daily and weekly figure for men is 11%, while it's only 5% for women. 70% of Belgian women don't invite anybody home for at least a month. Among men the figure is 62%.

You are most likely to get an invite from Belgian households with children. 16% of families with children under 6 invite people home once a week or on a daily basis.

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