Government freezes jihadi’s assets

The Belgian Government has frozen the accounts of a further 37 Belgians and people resident in Belgian that have left to fight alongside Islamist terrorists in Syria or that have encouraged others to do so. The measure forms part of the government’s ongoing fight against terrorism.

This brings to 251 the number of Belgians and people resident in Belgium that have had their assets frozen. One of those on the list this time around is Sheik Bassam Ayachi (photo).

Sheik Bassam Ayachi is alleged to have recruited dozens of youngsters to fight alongside the so-called Islamic State terrorist group.

The 70-year-old is currently in Syria. His right-hand-man Raphaël Gendron. A few years ago it was reported that Raphaël Gendron had been killed in Syria.

However, until this has been officially confirmed, the Belgian government still considers that he is alive. Enkele jaren geleden kwam vanuit Syrië het bericht dat Gendron daar omgekomen zou zijn.

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