July was drier than normal; continues 7th-month spell

The past month of July saw only 58.3 millimetres of rain in the main measuring station in Ukkel, compared to 73.5 normal, though precipitation varied across the country due to local thunderstorms. It's the 8th successive month that we had less rain than usual.
Malte Jaeger/laif

While July was pretty dry, other parameters were quite normal. The average temperature was 18.6 Celsius or 65 Fahrenheit (compared to 18.4 Celsius normally). The average maximum temperature was at 23.1 Celsius (normally 23.0).

We enjoyed 183 hours and 34 minutes of sunshine, short of the long-time average of 200 hours and 42 minutes.

The rainfall was unequally spread. South-eastern parts of Belgium had 145 percent of the normal precipitation, but the region around Tournai (south-west) only had 50 percent of the average. In general, the south-west of the country is still battling a major shortage of water; with large parts of West Flanders and Hainaut being most hit.