Man becomes unwell on tram, but nobody notices

A man was left sitting on a tram for 7 hours after he had become unwell. Eventually, a female passenger noticed something was wrong because the man didn't give a sign of life. The victim, a 27-year-old, was reanimated on the spot. He was fighting for his life.
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The incident happened on a tram in Antwerp. "The man got on the tram early in the morning and took a seat, taking a position that could be interpreted by others travellers as if he was just sleeping", explains Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp police.

It was only after 7 hours that one passenger was alarmed, also because the man was looking pale. The victim was helped by two fire fighters who happened to be nearby and was taken to hospital. CCTV footage taken on the tram showed he actually spent 7 hours on the public tram.

It remains a mystery how it could take so long before anyone noticed something. This could have happened when the drivers changed at the terminus, but they say as an excuse that it was a very long tram, which is always busy.

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