Enjoy the (Belgian) summer while it lasts, as worse is coming up

Sunday and especially Monday will be sunny and dry, with temperatures climbing to 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). A complete change of weather is coming up on Tuesday, with colder air coming in from the north-west, and with showers sweeping across the country.

Sunday will have clouds during the day, but more bright spells in the late afternoon and the evening. Temperatures remain relatively fresh with a maximum of 22 Celsius.

High pressure is gaining ground on Monday, with more sun and up to 25 degrees. A beautiful summer's day, as the wind will slow down as well.

The tables are turning from Tuesday. The maximum temperatures will drop to 22 on Tuesday and 20 on Wednesday, in order to fall below the symbolic mark of 20 on Thursday. All this time, the weather will be unstable, with possibly heavy showers or even thunderstorms, as a fresh wind is bringing cold air.

Friday should a little bit more stable.