"Fipronil concentrations in Belgian eggs well below the European norm"

The Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) has released the results of research into Fipronil levels in Belgian chickens and eggs. The concentrations can be situated well below the alert level. Public Health Minister Maggie De Block said yesterday that there is no danger for public health, which has now been confirmed by the new figures.

Very low Fipronil levels have been discovered in eggs from 21 different Belgian poultry companies. The insecticide was illegally used on battery hens and in battery cages against parasites. The maximum level of Fipronil that was found, was at 0.092 milligrams per kilogram, well below the European alert level of 0.72 milligrams.

86 poultry farms were blocked as the outcome of the test results was unclear; 48 of these were producing eggs.

The consumers' organisation Test-Aankoop wants to know more details. It demands the exact codes of the lots supplied by the affected companies. "Consumers should have the right to decide themselves whether they consume the eggs or not, low contamination or not." Test-Aankoop added it was very confusing for consumers to learn certain types were removed from the shelves in the supermarkets and others not.

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