International Algebra conference in Ghent

Around 150 of the World’s top mathematicians and theoretical physicians were invited to Ghent Town Hall as part of the 11th International Clifford Algebra conference that is being held in the East Flemish city. Academics from 20 countries are attending the conference.
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Clifford algebra is a specific branch of algebra with applications in robotics and medical imaging. It is gaining more and more recognition in the academic world.

The organiser of the Ghent conference Hennie De Schepper told journalists.

"Clifford Algebra is a branch of mathematics that concentrates on mathematical structures and in which multiplication isn’t commutative. “2x3 is the same as 3x2. But with Clifford algebra this isn’t the case and the multiplication turned around gives a different result. It’s something we aren’t used to but it is something that is very suited to certain applications in applied physics.

The congress got under way on Monday evening. with a talk by Ghent University’s Anne De Paepe. Later a delegation was received in Ghent’s historic Town Hall.

The 11th International Clifford Algebra Conference runs until Friday.

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