Second opinion reveals excess fipronil levels in eggs

The Federal Food Safety Agency says tests carried out on eggs from one of 86 producers that are under lock down has shown that eggs produced by one of the producer’s chickens have levels of fipronil that exceed European safety guidelines.

The tests were carried out on behalf of the producer to obtain a second opinion.

At one of the producers that has been banned from selling its eggs since 18 July a first analysis showed fipronil levels of 0.076 mg/kg. Well below the EU safety guideline of 0.72 mg/kg.

The producer used their right to ask for a second opinion. The second test showed fipronil of 0.92 mg/kg, considerably higher than the European safety levels.

The Federal Food Safety Agency has asked the labs that carried out the test to explain why there results are so different.

No eggs have left the producer since 18 July so they shouldn’t have entered the food chain.

The Federal Food Safety Agency has informed other European countries of the changed situation via the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed.

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