Big Brother is watching you 5 times more than in 2010

The number of CCTV cameras spying on us, has seen almost a five-fold increase since 2010, figures from the Privacy Commission show. Almost 50,000 of these cameras have been officially registered now, most of them in public transport, shops and stores and sports accommodation.

Since 2010 all instances installing CCTV cameras have to report to the Privacy Commission. Seven years ago, the number of security cameras was officially at 10,084, while the number has risen to 47,137 now, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

There are three main categories to be distinguished: public places such as streets and city squares (822 cameras), warehouses, sports halls or public transport (39,198) and the work floor (7,117). "We only count the number of CCTV systems", says Peter Van den Eynde of the Privacy Commission. "The number of actual cameras is a lot higher."

You have the biggest chance to be filmed in Antwerp. The cameras have proved their worth in terrorism cases or criminal investigations, and most people don't really mind their presence because they feel safer. Still, many don't know what kind of information about them is being collected using these smart cameras.

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