Another escape in Antwerp: "This is painful"

Yet again, a suspect apprehended by Antwerp police has managed to escape. Gazet van Antwerpen reports that two suspects were arrested in connection with a drugs case, but that one of the two managed to get away while the other was being questioned. "Very distressing", local police admit.
The Oudaan.

The two had been transferred to the Oudaan (photo) in the city centre. "While one was being questioned, the other smelled his chance to flee the scene", spokesman Sven Lommaert says.

The suspect managed to leave the building via an emergency exit. "The whole building was immediately alerted, but apparently the suspect had already left the premises."

It's the third time in recent weeks that suspects managed to escape. Lommaert admits it's a painful thing to be confronted with. "One escape is bad enough. But a couple of times, this is absolutely intolerable. We are looking into the matter, and will draw the necessary conclusions."

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