Union office gunman is 36-year-old Pole

The man that walked into an office of the Christian trade union ACV and shot dead a woman that was working behind the counter there has given himself up to police. The man is a 36-year-old Pole that lives in a municipality next to the town of Diest where Monday’s shooting happened.

Early on Monday afternoon a man walked into the ACV office in Diest. He took a number and waited his turn. He then shot dead the 38-year-old clerk that was working behind the counter.

The woman leaves behind a son. After having gunned down the woman in cold blood, the gunman said in English that his mission was accomplished.

He handed himself over to police shortly before 6pm. He is a 36-year-old Pole that lives in Bekkevoort (Flemish Brabant). It is still unclear as to whether the woman knew her killer or what the motives were for the shooting.

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