CityJet stops Antwerp-London link

The Irish airline CityJet will halt services between Antwerp Airport and London City as from 27 October. This was confirmed by CEO Marcel Buelens of the Antwerp airport. It is said that the link is not profitable enough, but Antwerp hopes to find other players to continue the service.
(archive picture Deurne)

Antwerp and London City have enjoyed an air link since 1993, first by VLM, later by CityJet. "After VLM had gone bankrupt in June last year, CityJet had to lease a different aeroplane, which turned out to be much more expensive than the VLM aircraft. Together with a decline in passenger numbers, they argued that it was no longer economically sustainable for them", Marcel Buelens explains. The harsh competition from the Eurostar rail link is another important factor.

Buelens confirmed that the Antwerp airport in Deurne is talking with two other companies to take over the service as from 29 October. "We hope to find a solution by 15 September. We need to make sure we don't lose passengers because they found an alternative."

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