"We don't want a Calais in Brussels"

Police intend to carry out more checks in the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels where hundreds of migrants have set up home. During a first police operation 50 people were led away for questioning. Belgian immigration services will now decide the fate of those detained that could be a stay in a closed removal centre.
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Interior minister Jan Jambon says that he wants to prevent the creation of a tent camp similar to the Calais Jungle. The number of migrants staying at the Brussels North station and the nearby park is significant. Interior minister Jambon has announced more frequent checks by federal and local police at all hours of the day and night. Until now police checks concentrated on the daytime when few migrants were in the park because they had hit on to the fact that the police only carry out checks during the daytime. Jan Jambon: "We're trying to track down the people traffickers."

Most of the migrants in the park are eager to get to the UK and consequently are unwilling to apply for asylum here. The North station too is also a spot favoured by migrants. Schaarbeek mayor Clerfayt has urged the Belgian government to intervene as he fears the situation with dozens of migrants eager to reach the UK could soon derail.