60,000 euro over-payment went unnoticed

The members of the local social services council in Tremelo in Flemish Brabant failed to notice that over the past four years they had received at total of 60,000 euro too much in attendance fees than they were entitled to. The over-payment was the fault of Cipal, a social secretariat that pays out the attendance fees on the municipal authorities’ behalf.

The Chair of the social services council Jan Van Herck told VRT News that the mistake was detected during the summer during an audit of the Social Services Council’s expenditure.

"Checking the payments isn’t easy and moreover the payments were made by Cipal”, Mr Van Herck told VRT News.

"We contacted Cipal straight away and they confirmed our suspicion that too much had been paid out in attendance fees.

They concede that it was their fault as they had inputted too high a figure into to their payment programme. This is an administrative error that has meant that too much has been paid out in attendance fees since the start of the legislature.

The members of the Social Services Council have said that they will pay back the extra money.