Price of personalised number plate halved

The Federal Cabinet has approved a 50% cut in the amount payable for a personalised number plate. In future such number plates will cost 1000 euro, down from 2000 euro previously. By lowing the amount charged the Federal Transport Minister François Bellot (Francophone liberal) hopes that the number of requests will increase again.

"In December 2015 the price of a personalised number plate doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 euro. There has been a clear reduction in the number of requests ever since, despite interest not having tailed off, Mr Bellot told journalists.

Prior to the price increase there were between 360 and 740 requests each month. However, since the increase this has dropped to between 100 and 200 requests per month.

"Given that the price is probably forming an obstacle to people buying a personalized number plate. I have suggested reverting to the original price”, Mr Bellot added.

A royal decree bringing into force the price reduction will be issued in the coming months.