Train crashes into buffers at Antwerp Central

A train has crashed into the buffers on the upper level of Antwerp Central railway station. The accident happened at 10:18pm on Friday evening. Three people were slightly injured when the train that had arrived at Antwerp-Central from Hasselt crashed into the buffers on platform 2 op the station’s upper level that is a terminus station. Platform 2 will be out of action until after the weekend.

The three people that were injured are the train’s driver and two guards that were aboard the train. None of the passengers were injured in the accident. The 18 trains that were due to arrive or depart from the upper level of the station during the rest of Friday evening were diverted via the station’s lower level that is usually only used by through services.

The Judicial Authorities visited the scene and allowed the rail company to start the clear-up and repair operation during the cause of the night after their accident investigation had been completed.

The Belgian rail company NMBS’s Spokesman Dimitri Temmerman told VRT News that that "Today two ballast trains will go to the track next to the derailed train so that we can tow it away. This is something that we should complete today.”

The track where the accident happened will be out of service until after the weekend.

“Amongst other issues, there is damage to overhead cables and the rail infrastructure company Infrabel must first repair the damage”, Mr Temmerman added.

The NMBS spokesman also said that it is still too early to say what caused the accident.

"The investigation is still running”.


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