Far right guided tour for Mr Wilders in Molenbeek

Far right supremo Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Beland) has confirmed his intention to take the Dutch far right leader Geert Wilders on what he calls an Islam Safari of Brussels and Molenbeek. Mr Wilders personally asked Mr Dewinter for such an outing that according to the Belgian will take the duo "along the places in Brussels that are most badly hit by Islamisation."

Filip Dewinter told the Belgian press agency Belga that Mr Wilders wanted to see what they both label "the jihadi capital of Europe" with his own eyes.

The duo's plans for a promenade through the City of Brussels and terrorist hotspot Molenbeek cannot count on much support. Flemish culture minister Sven Gatz has described the men's intention as despicable: "As two rascals they are coming to Molenbeek to view people. They hope to see their own prejudices confirmed. This shows a lack of respect for people."

The culture minister is eager to make an appointment with Messers Dewinter and Wilders to show them round and show them that Molenbeek has another face too.

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