9 people hospitalised after a carbon monoxide poisoning

In Sint-Niklaas in East Flanders, nine people were hospitalised due to a carbon monoxide poisoning last night. The fire brigade had to evacuate the occupants of two floors of an apartment building.

Two people were seriously injured, and were transferred to Antwerp University Hospital. The others were sent to hospitals in Sint-Niklaas.

The cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning is not clear yet. "More and more people are starting to heat their homes, and old-fashioned heating appliances are still being used, which are no longer so safe," says Philip De Vos of the fire brigade.

"Ventilating the house is, of course, important, but in the first instance the heating device must be in order. Gas systems have to be checked every two years, and possibly replaced by a closed appliance from type C. This is a safe appliance which highly reduces the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.”