Migrants detained in Brussels park

On Sunday evening the police once again detained migrants in the Maxilmiliaan Park, near Brussels North Railway Station. That’s according to volunteers that were in the park assisting the migrants. They added that around 200 migrants were present in the park, around 50 of whom were detained.

The migrants were waiting to be given a place to sleep at the homes of guest families.

The Coordinator of the citizens’ platform that arranges accomodation for the migrants Adriana Costa Santos told journalists that “Then police vehicles started to arrive and everyone started to run inside”.

"We don’t know exactly how many migrants were detained, but between 40 and 60 of them were taken away by the police”.
The volunteers said that they filmed the operation, but the police threatened to confiscate their smartphones if they didn’t delete the footage.

The Local Police Service refuses to confirm that the operation took place.

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