"There are no Weinsteins in Flanders"

In an opinion piece in the daily De Morgen Flemish director Jan Verheyen says that he feels that the present hysteria that includes insinuations and throwing people under suspicion is inappropriate. "Flanders isn't Hollywood" Mr Verheyen writes.

In recent weeks several Flemish actresses including Hilde Van Mieghem, Marijke Pinoy, Anemone Valck, Ella-June Henrard and Charlotte De Bruyne made reference to sexual intimidation in Flanders. Jan Verheyen says that talking about this subject has been encouraged by the Weinstein scandal in the US, but that people should name names. Earlier he indicated that he had no knowledge of any precise incidents of sexual intimidation in the Flemish film world.

Jan Verheyen: "In Flanders there are no Überproducers or directors who can make or break a career. There is no point in this comparison (with Hollywood). There are bound to be sh--s who can't keep their hands to themselves, but that goes for every environment where there is a hierarchy: a film set but also universities, businesses, ministries..."

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