Jambon: “A completely different culture in today’s police”

The Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) has spoken for the first time about the recent development in the Brabant Killers case. As Minister of the Interior his is responsible for the police services. Speaking on VRT radio, Mr Jambon said “We are talking here about the Gendarmerie. The Gendarmerie hasn’t existed any more since 1999-2000. There is a completely different culture within the police today. I see few links with today’s police work”.

Mr Jambon stresses that he also wants answers. "The victims’ wounds are reopened time and time again. I hope that we can bring this to a conclusion”.

Mr Jambon says that he will leave the decision as to whether the Brabant Killers investigation should be transferred to judicial authorities Flanders to the Justice Minister Koen Geens (Flemish Christian democrat). Mr Jambon’s party colleague, the Mayor of Aalst (East Flanders) Christophe D'Haese had asked for this to be done in an interview given at the weekend.

Meanwhile, the opposition Flemish Greens have requested a meeting of the Justice Select Committee to discuss recent developments in the case.

Mr Jambon replies that it is parliament’s right to call committee meetings and that this right will be respected. He added that more information will be given about the case “when the time is right”.

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