Record wind energy production on Saturday night

Saturday night’s high winds saw electricity production levels from Belgian wind turbines shoot up. So much so in fact that record production levels were attained. During Saturday night wind turbines on land and wind turbines out at sea produced a third of all electricity used in Belgium.

The figures that come from the company responsible for managing Belgium’s electricity grid Elia are a record. Between 3am and 4am on Sunday morning Belgium’s wind turbines produced 2,000 megawatts of electricity.

The producers of wind energy say that they are a pleased with the result as if showed that the grid was able to cope with a sudden peak in wind energy production.

"Ten years ago there were doubts as to whether our electricity grid could manage to take 2000 megawatts”, Chris Derde of the wind energy company Wase Wind told journalists.

“10 years ago 2,000 megawatts was a faraway dream and there were doubt whether the grid could cope”.

Mr Derde maintains that with the current grid it should be possible to double the percentage of our electricity that this produced by 2025.

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