Justice Minister: "There have been attempts to manipulate the investigation”

The Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens (Flemish Christian democrat) has told the Federal Parliament’s Justice Select Committee that the information that has come to light over the past few days shouldn’t build up expectations too high that a breakthrough will be made in the Brabant Killers’ case.
Laurie Dieffembacq

Nevertheless, Mr Geens believes that no stone should be left unturned. The Justice Minister also conceded that there have been attempts to manipulate the investigation.

"When I became Minister, I came into contact with the case fairly quickly, both at the request of Chief-Prosecutor De Valkeneer and at the request of a number of victims. This was on 18 November 2014”.

"It became clear to me that a number of avenues explored in the investigation had not produced satisfactory results and that there had been attempts to manipulate the investigation, while the victims and their relatives had told me that they had not been listened to enough in the past”.

"No usable new leads"

Mr Geens added that the Judicial Authorities have been working with the information that has been leaked in the press over the past few days since 22 February. He added that in 2000 figure prints and saliva was taken from the since deceased Gendarme. “In 2017 a genetic analysis was carried out that produced no result”.

Just two DNA samples have been taken in the entire Brabant Killers’ investigation and it is not even certain the Judicial Authorities even have the possible “Giant’s” DNA. According to Mr Geens no real usable leads have turned up. Nevertheless “the investigation will continue”.

"The avenue that has been investigated since February is without doubt interesting and there will be believers and non-believers. The thing is no to expect too much, but to leave no stone unturned”.


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