New items of evidence in Brabant Killers case.

After an appeal by the Judicial Authorities a number of items have been handed in that could be of use to detectives working on the Brabant Killers case. News that the items have been handed in comes from Liège Chief Prosecutor Christian De Valkeneer. The items were found in the Brussels-Charleroi Canal.

"We have received information and items today that were found in the Brussels to Charleroi Canal, near to Ronquières (Hainaut)”, Mr De Valkeneer told VRT News.

"The items are of interest. However, we wish to remain discrete about their nation for the time being. We don’t yet know for sure whether the items are linked to the Brabant Killers case.”

Mr De Valkeneer added that the items were taken from the canal a while ago.

"They haven’t surfaced today, but we don’t want to say any more”.

There is a chance that the items having been found could lead to a further search of the canal. “We will probably carry out new searches at certain locations. I can’t say exactly when this will be”.

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