Train never reaches destination as youths run amok; train driver deeply impressed

Serious incidents have taken place on a train going from Ottignies to Brussels. A group of an estimated 100 youngsters ran amok, also pulling the emergency brake various times. It was decided to go on until Bosvoorde station, where all passengers had to alight. Many 'normal' travellers had to be evacuated with taxis or other transport in the middle of the night. The driver has reacted now, and says he is deeply shocked by what happened.

Tuesday night's train was carrying dozens of youngsters returning from a late Halloween event.

"What happened on the 2142 is a real scandal. It's sickening. I don't have the words to describe it", the train driver called Kevin writes on his Facebook page.

The man wanted to do his job, but couldn't. After the train had come to a standstill a first time, police came to the scene. However, this didn't stop the youths from running amok and causing new incidents.

Kevin says "I didn't sleep a wink last night (...) We were humiliated, verbally abused and threatened. We were physically assaulted, they threw objects at me, they came standing face to face... and only because we were trying to do our job, just the two of us."

Six youths identified; hefty bill may follow

Belgian Rail spokesman Dimitri Temmerman confirms the problems. "The man did well to call the police." As it was late in the evening, travellers were evacuated with buses and taxis.

Police say six youths have been identified so far, but they have been released again. Using the emergency break when this is not necessary is a criminal offence. It's possible they will also have to foot the bill for the taxis and other transport to bring passengers home.

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