Shocking images shot at West Flemish egg farm

Once again the animal rights group Animal Rights has shot shocking footage of neglect of animals in the Flemish food industry. This film that is not for the faint-hearted was shot an egg farm in the West Flemish village of Wingene. The organisation found that chickens that were producing eggs that were supposed to be colony-laid were shut up for days in cages that also contained dead or injured birds.

The footage was shot at the egg-producer bvba Pyfferoen in Wingene (West Flanders). According to Animal Rights 130,000 hens are kept by the firm to produce eggs that are sold as colony-laid.

The company had already received a reprimand from the animal welfare inspectorate. The animal rights activists found chickens in closed cages that were covered in excrement. There were also dead birds found rotting in the cages, where there were also other sick and injured birds.

Animal Rights stresses that Pyfferoen was not specifically targeted.
"We presume that the situation is the same across the industry”.

"They want to produce as much as possible, as cheaply as possible and a price is paid when it comes to animal welfare and the health of the animals”.

"Consumers have a right to know how the food that is on sale in the supermarkets is produced”.

The animal rights activists call on consumers to stop eating eggs as “There are enough vegetable-based substitutes”.

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