"Undocumented people found on trains will be sent back"

The Belgian asylum and migration secretary has pledged more checks on Belgian rail services after a rise in incidents targeting train staff and often involving undocumented people.

Mr Francken says that more checks are to be expected on trains and in railway stations and the immigration department will provide back-up.

Theo Francken: "In recent months there have been an awful lot of aggressive incidents, often involving undocumented people. We have consulted the rail company and railways police and have decided on intensive checks on major lines."

The immigration department will participate in the checks.

Theo Francken: "We will check the identity of people who do not have right of residence in order to incarcerate them and send them back to their homeland."

The minister intends to dispatch a signal showing that violence will no longer be tolerated and that rail staff need to be left in peace.