Catalan ex-pats show support for jailed ministers

Around 500 Catalans and their sympathisers gathered in Brussels’ Jubelpark on Sunday to show their support for the deposed Catalan Government and the ministers from that government that are currently locked up in Spanish prisons. Three of the ministers from the Catalan Government that was removed from office when the Spanish Government invoked article 155 of the constitution spoke at Sunday’s gathering.

They are among a number of Catalan politicians including the Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont.

Maria Serret i Aleu, Antoni Comín i Oliveres and Clara Ponsatí i Obiols called on those present not to lose heart. “Europe must listen to us. We will win this battle through democratic means”.

"We have come here to make it clear that the Spanish Government can’t shut us up”, the deposed Catalan Agriculture Minister Maria Serret i Aleu said.

"We have a right to choose our own future. This is a positive project for a better society for more justice, for more democracy”.

Her colleague Antoni Comín Oliveres spoke about the Catalan Ministers that are currently in Catalan prisons and he when on to strongly criticise the Spanish Government and the EU.

"The EU was set up to ensure that totalitarianism and fascism would never return. However, in Spain a battle is currently being waged between democracy and authoritarianism."

"A mature democracy resolves issues such as Catalonia through referenda and not in the courts. But no court can imprison an entire people. This is why it is important that everyone votes on 21 December in order to turn the totally illegitimate elections into legitimate ones”.

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