"I don't want to see language police!"

Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois has suggested that the plans of the state school network to allow the use of other languages than Dutch in school are in violation of Belgian language laws. Mr Bourgeois was responding to plans to give languages other than Dutch a larger place in Flemish schools.

Geert Bourgeois told TV viewers: "I believe the state school network document was well meant, but signposting classrooms is other languages and grouping pupils together because they speak the same language at home is a violation of language laws."

The Flemish premier doesn't believe it's problematic that a pupil explains something to his peers in Turkish or that pupils speak Arabic together on the playground, but grouping pupils together for group work in separate groups because they speak the same language at home is a bridge too far.

Mr Bourgeois also had a message on standards: "We should instil ambition in our children. In our society we have one trump card: our brains. If we lower achievement goals we will pay the price in two decades' time.”

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