Brussels police intercept 50 youths at shopping centre

Police in Brussels were able to stop and search a group of some 50 youths that were believed to be planning on causing trouble at the Docks Bruxsel Shopping Centre in the north of the city on Saturday afternoon.

The police received reports that the group of youths were on their way to the shopping centre by tram. It was also reported that they were on their way to Dockx to fight. The Brussels-Elsene Local Police Service Spokeswoman Ilse Van de keeve told VRT News that "We then decided straight away to dispatch several patrol cars to find out what exactly was happening there”.

As soon as the teenagers got off the tram at the Van Praet stop they were intercepted and searched. After their identities had been checked they were told to return home. None of them were detained. One youth was found to be carrying a flick knife and a crime report was drafting for possession of an illegal weapon.

"It is not clear what exactly the youths were planning to do or what the reason was for the planned fight”, Ms Ilse Van de keere added.

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