Energy ministers reach agreement on “Energy Pact”

The four ministers that are responsible for energy policy in Belgium have reached an accord on the Energy Pact. The three regional ministers and the Federal Minister broke the news that agreement had been reached. The ministers weren’t prepared to go into any detail about the contents of the pact.

However, a number of newspapers report that they have agreed that all the reactors at Belgium’s two nuclear power stations must close by 2025.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Flemish nationalist party N-VA will vote with its coalition partners and approve the measures the ministers agreed.

The energy pact and above all discussion about the closure the closure or the nuclear power stations has been a political hot potato in recent weeks. It led to public disagreement between the parties in both the Flemish and federal coalitions.

The Flemish nationalists want to keep at least two reactors open beyond 2020. However, the other coalition parties don’t agree. The Federal Energy Minister Christine Marghem (Francophone liberal) also stressed that she wants the 2025 deadline for the closure of the all Belgium’s nuclear reactors to be met.