Brussels riots: do you know these suspects?

Belgian police have issued a 'most wanted' list in their search for nine suspects connected to the Brussels riots. Federal police are enlisting the help of the public at large in their attempt to identify troublemakers.

Dozens of people were injured and numerous properties were damaged in the riot on 11 November coinciding with Morocco's qualification for the World Cup. In the same week a rally with internet personality Vargasss92 also caused trouble. On 25 November there was renewed rioting in the margin of a protest against slavery.

In the subsequent weeks 27 individuals could be arrested and a further 14 troublemakers were identified. The police website shows CCTV pictures of suspects plus the date on which the picture was taken.

Ine Van Wymersch of the public prosecutor's office: "We have a good picture of these suspects, but haven't been able to identify them. It's possible that members of the public possesses useful information."

Follow this link to see pictures of the suspects. Please let the police know if you can identify somebody!