PM accuses unions and opposition of spreading “fake news”

The Federal Prime Minister Premier Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) of spreading "lies" and "fake news" about his government’s pension reforms. Mr Michel said in a statement that “we will make greater efforts to explain to people what the reforms entail”

"We are reforming the economy, but a strong economy is not our ultimate goal. It is a means of achieving more social cohesion. The reforms provide certainty that we won’t descend into general impoverishment".

According to Mr Michel the effects of the reforms have already become evident. “170,000 extra jobs have been created since the start of the legislature. With the tax shift we have provided people with greater purchasing power. We are taking our responsibility to keep pensions affordable”.

Mr Michel believes that a lot of lies have been spread about the Federal Government’s pension reforms.

"I quite consciously use the word lies. Some unions and political parties are trying to spread fear by spreading lies. This is something that we need to counter. The Government will make greater efforts to explain to people what has been decided so that people don’t worry about it anymore”, the Prime Minister said.

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