Officers give up their day off to do alcohol checks

Drivers taking to the roads this Christmas Eve face a heightened chance of being pulled over for a drink-drive test. Federal police are deploying an extra 50 officers.

The officers are giving up their day off in return for some chocolate. With the festival of good cheer upon us law enforcers are keeping a beady eye on us on the watch out for drunk drivers.

Police officer Koen Ricour: "There are checks at Christmas and New Year. People have to be able to party in safe circumstances."

The 50 extra officers are volunteers. They believe that road safety is important enough for them to give up their day off.

Koen Ricour urges drivers who need to take to the roads not to drink: "Select a sober driver or ‘Bob’ and ensure he or she enjoys the party too. If by accident you have drunk too much, stay put or take a taxi or public transport."

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