Alcohol checks: more cyclists than motorists testing positive in Ghent!

Alcohol checks in the city of Ghent, on Boxing Day, didn't just target motorists: cyclists were tested as well, with eight of them testing positive. They were fined and had to leave their bicycle behind for six hours.

The checks took place in the Dampoort area, in the northern part of the city. 14 people had too much to drink (exceeding the legal limit for drinking and driving of 0.4). Both motorists and cyclists were stopped, but it turned out that over half of those testing positive (8) were cyclists.

The cyclists were in for a nasty surprise. They had gone out by bike, thinking that alcohol checks only applied to motorists. However, they can get the same fines, and also see their bicycle confiscated for 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much they exceeded the limit.

Drunken cyclists are a danger to themselves and to pedestrians. When they crash, they often end up in hospital.

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