Excise hike on soft drinks

The price of the can or bottle of your favourite soft drink is set to rise from 1 January as the sugar tax on drinks containing sugar or sweeteners is raised. The sugar tax is being raised as part of the measures contained in Federal Government’s “Summer Accord”.

The sugar tax was first introduced in January 2016. Duty was already charged on soft drinks, but it is now set to increase further.

Which drinks are affected?

The duty increase covers all types of soft drinks that contain sugar or sweeteners. Both the regular and the “light” or “diet” versions of the drinks will be hit. Syrups, squashes and cordials that are diluted in water are also covered by the rise in duty.

Powders and other substances, even those containing very little sugar, that are used to make drinks will also be affected by the rise in duty.

This explains why the price of some teas and infusions is also set to rise. Flavoured water will not be affected.

How much extra will the drinks?

The Federal Finance Department’s spokesman Francis Adyns told VRT News that “If the producers make their customers pay for the increase it will come to 1 eurocent extra on a 25cl can of soft drink. This will be around 2 eurocent more for a 33cl can. A 1.5 litre bottle would cost around 8 eurocent more”.


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