Do you want to be buried with your pet?

The opposition Flemish socialists have tabled legislation that if enacted will allow pets to be buried together with their owners. Lawmaker Rob Beenders says: "Pets form part of your family. Saying adieu is very painful and should happen with respect."

The lawmaker hopes that in future when you order your plot you will be able to ensure that your pet is buried with you! He is setting one condition, both you and your pet should have opted for a cremation. Today in Flanders there are still municipalities that don't possess a cemetery for pets. Municipalities that do, offer separate burials for humans and pets.

"This is to be regretted” says Rob Beenders. "Pets form an inseparable part of your family. You should be allowed to decide for yourself what happens to you and your pet after you both expire."

Mr Beenders argues for gardens of rest for animals in all municipalities plus being able to be buried with your pet. A pilot project is planned for Hasselt, but the Flemish parliament first needs to provide the legal framework.

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