Smartphone use impacts on study results

Research undertaken at the universities of Ghent and Antwerp, UGent and UAntwerpen, reveals that students who are always on their smartphone perform more poorly than their peers who use the appliance more sparingly.

The average student checks his or her smartphone three to five times during each lesson and twice every hour when studying. Results were correlated with students’ academic performance revealing a clear link-up to students' results. Among students who use their smartphone less than average pass rates of 69% were recorded. For those using the appliance more than average the pass rate falls to 61%.

Smartphones do have their advantages: they can help you collect information and work together as a group. Experts have called on students not to shut down their smartphone during the present exam period because texting, chatting and consulting social media can help beef up your morale. The researchers in Ghent and Antwerp warn that smartphones can lead to students losing their focus because the appliances are mainly used as a source of relaxation and entertainment. Smartphones can also have a negative impact on your sleep quality.

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