Smart lights improve Brussels air quality and traffic flows

The Brussels mobility minister Pascal Smet claims that the air quality in the Belgian and Flemish capital has improved as a result of smarter traffic lights. Mr Smet also argues that congestion too has eased for the same reason.

Thanks to the Brussels traffic lights plan traffic lights on Brussels intersections are today more in synch with each other. Cars have to stop more rarely and traffic flows more smoothly. So far traffic lights on eight important thoroughfares have been synchronised. The plan is to raise this to 18 in total. So far lights are in synch on the Keizer Karellaan, the Leopold II laan, thee Belliardstraat, between Sainctelette and IJzer, the Werkhuizenkaai, the Van Praet Bridge, the Industrielaan and the Wetstraat.

Mr Smet notes a significant decrease in the time people are held up in traffic. CO2 emissions fell by 5% improving air quality.

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