Fresh storm clouds are heading for the Low Countries

Enjoy Sunday's sunny weather because fresh storm clouds are again gathering and heading for our climes. Torrential rain and high winds will be our lot by the end of the week!

Sunday will be a fine day with sunshine but cold temperature. VRT's weatherman Frank Deboosere warns that we can expect periods of torrential rain and strong winds with gusts up to 80km/h. The worst weather is expected during the tail end of the week. The storm could start as early as Thursday afternoon, but we may have to wait until Thursday night.

Some weather forecast models predict snow in the woodlands of the Ardennes that could stand several dozen centimetres high. Frank Deboosere is cautious: "Predicting the weather seven or eight days ahead is precarious because things could go the other way and we could end up with no snow at all". Frank is pretty philosophical and says: "We'll see how it pans out".

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