Belgians listen to an average of 2.5 hour of music each day

According to a study carried out by the international music industry federation IFPI, Belgians listen on average to 17.2 hours of music each week. This equates to just under 2.5 hours of music a day. The survey was the first carried out by IFPI to include Belgians’ music listening habits.

At 17.2 hours a week Belgians are above the global average of 15.1 hours a week or 2.1 hours per day. Remarkable perhaps is that older people in the 55 to 64 years age group listen the most. Those between 55 and 64 years of age listen to 20 hours of music a week or almost 3 hours a day.

The IFPI survey also reveals that in Belgium the radio is holding up better against competition from new media than in other countries that were surveyed. More than half of the music we listen to here is listened to on the radio. This compares to just a third of music listened to in other countries.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 listen to 16.5 hours of music a week. This group includes the smallest percentage that listen to music on the radio.

Just 25% of the music heard by those in this age group is heard on the radio. This compares with 66% among 55 to 64 year-olds.

The figures also show a big increase in the number of people subscribing to premium streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

As well as here in Belgium, people in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Mexico and Brazil were questioned about their music listening habits. In Belgium 632 people took part in the survey.

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