Swedish anti-pregnancy app not fail-proof in Belgium

Belgian women using the Swedish app 'Natural Cycles' are being urged to use a condom as a failsafe. The app informs women when exactly they are ovulating, but in Sweden at least 37 women using the app have become pregnant.

The app is in use also in Belgium. Women hope to avoid a pregnancy, but the app is not proving to be too reliable. Boris Cruyssaert of the Flemish sexual expertise centre Sensoa is encouraging couples who don't want a baby to use a condom as well as the app because "there's not a single anticonception method that is perfect and because condoms protect you against STI's!”

Boris Cruyssaert confirms that the app is being used here: "It's what we hear every day." He also explains the success of the app by pointing to negative coverage of hormonal birth control methods that are blamed for cancer, depression and a lower sex drive.

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