First wolf attack in Belgium?

A farmer in Meerhout (Antwerp) found two of his sheep have been killed and a third has been injured. She-wolf Naya that has been sighted in our climes is suspected of being the culprit.

DNA evidence will now be used to confirm this is a wolf attack. If this is the case, this is the first wolf attack in Belgium in living memory. As the wolf is a protected animal all damage will be compensated. Environmentalists believe everything points to a wolf attack. The sheep were killed by a bite to the neck with near surgical precision. An animal then proceeded to eat part of one of the sheep. Wolf tracks were also found near a stream.

DNA evidence should also help to determine the exact number of wolves in Belgium.

The attack happened on Friday night. The farmer immediately alerted the wolf reporting centre and an environmentalist attended the scene.

She-wolf Naya was reported in Belgium for a first time three weeks ago. The wolf arrived here via the Netherlands and Germany and is being tracked by GPS.

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