Average speed cameras to double this year!

By the end of 2018 motorists in Flanders will face more than twice as many average speed checks than at the beginning of the year. At present average speed checks involving a series of cameras are operated on 30 stretches of Flemish road. By the end of the year this figure will jump to 68.

At present 27 average speed checks operate on regional roads with 3 on motorways in Flanders. A further 3 will be added on the motorways with no fewer than 37 additional average speed checks on regional roads in Flanders realised this year. In many cases permanent fixed speed cameras will be turned into digital cameras that check average speed over a stretch of road.

Lawmaker Joris Vandenbroucke (socialist), who asked up the figures, welcomes the news: "Speed causes death and experience shows that the present average speed checks have an impact."

Mr Vandenbroucke wants the police officers freed up by the introduction of the average speed cameras to be used to carry out more drink-drive checks in Flanders: "Alcohol too is a killer!" He believes there is room for improvement after only twenty percent of motorists told pollsters that they had been breathalysed during the past year. "It's quite possible to drive around in this country for years without any test for alcohol in your blood."

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