Beware of fine for ice on your windscreen!

The news that a Dutchman had received a 370 euro fine for failing to remove the ice from his windscreen in the Netherlands has concentrated minds south of the border. In Belgium too it's the law that you have to scrape ice from the windscreen of your motor in order to restore perfect visibility, but fortunately for the less adventurous among us fines are lower here.

Under Belgian law all ice and snow must be removed because a motorist must have 100% visibility at all times and this is only the case when all ice and snow are removed.

In Belgium police do not carry out any targeted checks intended to ensure specifically that Belgian drivers scrape snow and ice off their windscreen, but if officers notice a moving vehicle with a windscreen where the visibility is hampered by snow and/or ice, it's quite likely you will be hauled out of traffic and fined. The fine in Belgium is 58 euros - less than in the Netherlands, but still, it's better if you can avoid funding the Belgian treasury in this way!

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